what is heyday talks?
Heyday talk is an event about sharing and projecting new visions to art, business, humanity, science, spiritual fields. The event will be facilitated by experts of respective field. The Event will represent a New Vision, Research and Sharp Analysis based on “the subject” put forward by facilitator.
A Dialogue
Heyday talk is a dialogue event we will communicate and discuss on the subject during the event, clearing the doubts and queries. Participants can ask their questions or give their opinions. “Hey Day Talks” will consider all queries and resolve them through Talks. At the end, we all will come up with new conclusion.
The Purpose
The man of the future is coming from present and time is coming from the future. We need to synergize time with ourselves. This is a great opportunity, where first time in life we are going to change all by ourselves and not by time.
at Atmiya College, 2nd floor, Auditorium, Kalawad Road, Rajkot 360005. Gujarat-India

from 10:00 to 11:30 AM

Registration starts from 9:30 AM

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event schedule

heyday talks intro @ 10:00 speaker's intro @ 10:10
keynotes speech @ 10:15 questions & answers @ 10:50 conclusion @ 11:15
vote of thanks @ 11:25
to get an invitation please contact us +91 99048 42369 or mail us heyday@oshomaitri.org
Leap Into ‘The Coming Present’

Homo Novus

Humanity is now facing some spontaneous changes which have not seen ever before and this change is going to be far different than biological or ideological revolution of human. Today the future is built in such different way where we have to resemble ourselves to fit in. The time has come, where the future will change our lives in all aspects. We have a lifestyle, we have an ideology but we need to reconsider whole conception of our life. Now the time is such that there is hardly any difference between the present and the future. So instead of saying future, we should say the coming present.

A new man is capable to celebrate each moment of life. However, it is dangerous situation for us because we don’t even know how to live each moment. We have dreamt of a happy life but we are still chasing-it not ‘living-it’. A new man is already born in all of us and we have a glimpse of it also, the question is only that how can we make it possible? The answer is , ‘We have to be homo novus’.

Please conform your attendance as we have limited seats

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